Usability Evaluation & Site Redesign

Base Scenario

You and your partner decide to go to a special place next summer. You realize you have both saved enough for the tickets and are planning to save as much as possible for the next 6 months to do this trip. You want to be efficient and have everything you need organized to enjoy at 100% while there. Even if you’re young, you want to have special moments to celebrate being together

  • The nearest airport to the destination is Ciampino Airport (CIA)— 13 Km from the city center depending on the departure location, the availability of flights might be very limited. The second Airport is Fiumicino (FCO) 30 km away from the city center.
  • Currency is Euro
  • Currently, moderate restrictions apply to some passengers due to Covid -19, but it might be lifted till summer.
  • Visa & Medical insurance for a non-EU resident is required.
  • It’s gonna be summer, so wardrobe recommendations are to get comfortable clothes. The weather might be very hot, temperatures between 31'C and a minimum of 19'C at night.
  • 5–7 Days are needed to visit Rome and its major attractions including Colosseum.


Among the high ranked and popular Metasearch travel websites, I chose Kayak, Skyscanner, Trip Advisor to see which one is more suitable for my selected user type.

Usability Heuristics Evaluation for 3 Metasearch websites; Skyscanner, Tripadvisor, Kayak


I interviewed 3 users matched with the designed scenario and selected user type.

A) 5-second testing

Why five seconds? Studies have found that visitors only spend a few seconds assessing the website before deciding whether to stay or leave.

B) Guerilla testing and Interviews:


  • Did you know Skyscanner before? what do you think about this website/ tool?
  • How do you feel to use Metasearch websites/apps to find a flight or accommodation?
  • Talk me through your approach to find a flight, please think out loud!
  • What did you expect to find? what did you want to see (options, information, functions) that could have helped you to have a better experience?
  • What distracted you?


After analyzing the results of both usability tests, I figured out some of the problems that need to be improved in future iterations.

Suggested changes



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